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05Feb, 2019

Community Engagement

There are professional figures who manage online communities, or rather the so-called web community managers, or more simply community managers. The community manager is one of the many “new professions” created as a result of the web 2.0 that has at its center the power of relations between people. The main keyword for community involvement […]

05Feb, 2019

Email Marketing

A proper email marketing strategy is still vital for any brand that is looking for profitable business. A study carried out by DMA shows that e-mails get a return equal to 30 times the investment made. Email marketing is therefore also essential in 2019. Email is still the brands’ preferred method of communicating with customers […]

05Feb, 2019

Project Analysis

The success of an SEO plan depends on many factors, but it all starts with the professionalism of your SEO consultant. He decides which activities to integrate into the project, on the basis of an accurate analysis made on your site (to be built or pre-existing), on competitors and on the general needs of the […]

04Feb, 2019

Google Ranking

We are talking about SEO, but specifically about Local SEO and therefore optimization for search engines at “local” level. To analyze the elements that today Google takes into account about local search marketing, we start from an interesting study of, in which we find a series of interesting ideas and especially a list of […]

03Feb, 2019

Marketing Statistics

Content marketing is the real recipe to get customers through the internet, with a calculated and measured use of information, which is based on the persuasive principle of reciprocity. The more you give your potential customer, the more likely he will feel obliged to reciprocate, perhaps with a business contact. It is then evident how […]

03Feb, 2019

Content Strategy

A content marketing strategy serves as a reference point for the design, production, promotion and measurement phases of content. Creating it may seem like a long and tiring process, but it will allow you to reduce your workload over time and make your content more effective. So your efforts will be repaid quickly. Set Content […]

02Feb, 2019

Keyword Targeting

It is no longer a surprise, Google is the most significant channel to convey users on your website. That’s why it’s important to be able to position yourself intelligently through the use of SEO keywords. A single keyword is not always enough to describe your business to users. For example, if your site is intended […]

02Feb, 2019

New SEO Trend

There’s only Google? To best meet the challenges of 2019 will require a multi-channel approach: do not stop at optimization for Google! Depending on the product your business is involved with, there may also be alternative, more niche, channels where similar goods are searched for more. If users are looking for video, for example, it’s […]

31Gen, 2019

Annual Report

As punctual as every year in this period, the Digital 2019 report has arrived. Now in its eighth edition, the We Are Social survey, conducted together with Hootsuite, a leading platform in the field of social media management, aims to give an overview of the digital scenario in 2019, with the usual focus on the […]

15Gen, 2019

Web Analytics

Web analytics is a tracking system that collects heterogeneous data on the users of a website: it is aimed at profiling users for statistical purposes or to carry out targeted marketing. In other words, we can define web analytics as the set of technologies and methodologies that allow you to better know the users of […]