Annual Report

As punctual as every year in this period, the Digital 2019 report has arrived. Now in its eighth edition, the We Are Social survey, conducted together with Hootsuite, a leading platform in the field of social media management, aims to give an overview of the digital scenario in 2019, with the usual focus on the use of the Internet, mobile, social platforms and e-commerce.

1. Voice control will become increasingly important: the next phase of internet growth will come almost entirely from developing markets. However, as can be seen in the chart below, many of these countries suffer from lower levels of literacy than the countries that now dominate the Internet.

As a result, global platforms such as Google, Facebook and Amazon will look for more user-friendly interfaces to serve these new users, and voice seems destined to dominate these efforts, at least in the short term. For clarity, however, this is not a story about the rise of intelligent speakers in Africa, but rather, it is a complete and revolutionary change in the way people interact with connected content and devices.

2. The social landscape will evolve: with some of the world’s best social platforms losing users for long periods, it is likely that in the coming months we will see some friction and consolidation in the social media sector. If current downward trends continue, we can expect investors on both Twitter and Snapchat to increase pressure on the boards of these companies to accept a takeover bid.

At the same time, it seems that “the next big innovation” is already behind schedule. However, this is not about the move to the “stories” format, which will inevitably be one of the biggest bets on social media in 2019. Rather, my feeling is that privacy concerns, changes in social media preferences and behaviors, and a little fatigue with existing platforms will combine to inspire a series of new social platforms in 2019, perhaps using new innovations such as SOLID. This would radically change the very fabric of internet business.

3. Marketing as a service: looking behind the scenes at the most successful brands on the internet, it is clear that many of them share something in common: they treat marketing as a service. Rather than waste endless corporate propaganda and trivial advertising, these brands use their marketing budgets to create valuable things for their audiences. Whether it’s something as simple as a valuable how-to video on YouTube, or a large-scale event that puts the audience at the heart of the action, this ‘marketing as a service’ is the only antidote to ongoing media inflation and the public’s shift from newsfeeds to stories.




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