Community Engagement

There are professional figures who manage online communities, or rather the so-called web community managers, or more simply community managers.

The community manager is one of the many “new professions” created as a result of the web 2.0 that has at its center the power of relations between people. The main keyword for community involvement is, in fact, relationship. The community manager must be able to build bonds within the community, talk to their audience in a transparent, clear and original way. Interact with your audience: participate, respond, retwine, humanize the conversation in the community.

The link between community and engagement shifts the focus from the individual to the community. A community that remains connected and that discusses the same theme and is united by a single, or different interests. In general, engagement is therefore interaction between people and involvement. Depending on the context and the community of reference, this can have different meanings; it can refer to the extension of the community, communication in the community, education, public and democratic participation.

Take action, involve people.

The actions to initiate community engagement are different, to provide information and understand what members of that community think, to involve people in decision-making, to involve the public in a formal and/or informal way by activating digital strategies and tools to involve them.
Community engagement is therefore based on relationships, but not only. The special keyword in the definition of community is “dialogue“. Important are, therefore, the contents that we disseminate in the community.
These must be interesting, they must entertain, excite, tell, give information and involve by establishing a dialogue.
Use the perfect strategy to start a dialogue and involve the users of a digital community. Establishing ties and forging lasting relationships over time so as not to lose the relationship with the public: this is the basis of community engagement.