Email Marketing

A proper email marketing strategy is still vital for any brand that is looking for profitable business. A study carried out by DMA shows that e-mails get a return equal to 30 times the investment made. Email marketing is therefore also essential in 2019.

Email is still the brands’ preferred method of communicating with customers and will continue to be an effective channel in the future. Obviously, sending techniques have changed. Discover some of the new trends that can make your digital marketing strategies effective.

1.- Customization

Email marketing was one of the first digital marketing techniques to integrate personalization into your mailings. The ability to create individualized experiences has given email marketing great advantages with respect to customization.

2.- Segmentation of mailing lists

This way of segmenting can help the customization of what we reported above. Placing users in databases containing adequate data about demographics, interests and other segments will help you customize your emails.

3- Multichannel experience

These multi-channel experiences will trigger email marketing and customer management activities through other phases of the funnel. The new marketing paradigm indicates that instead of focusing solely on acquisition, marketing specialists will be responsible for other customer interests.

4.- Interactive email

Interactive emails should allow the user to customize their orders or add items to the shopping cart. In general, they aim to improve the user experience without leaving aside the concept that it is always a newsletter.
Chatbots can help in this regard. You can include Chatbots in your email marketing. If well used, chatbots can bring great value to your brand.

5.- Make your emails more visual

The videos will make the emails fun and interesting. This gives you the opportunity to include video tutorials, present a new product or send video messages. Video can help a lot in increasing customer participation.
Although GIFs are used as substitutes for videos, in 2019 you should have the opportunity to see HTML5 videos embedded in many emails.

6.- The trend of minimalism continues

The best thing is to use a hero image that perfectly describes the subject of your messages or what you want to convey as a brand. Of course, consider that excessive use of images can cause performance problems. It can also make you run into spam filters.

7.- Nearby communication

Leave the formalities behind and adapt your style to the users. They like to perceive that you are a person and that the human factor prevails in the brand. The H2H formula is winning.
Show it through the style you use. Choose a friendly tone, ask questions, test or ask for opinions. Your brand identity is reflected in the way you talk to your users.

8.- Responsive graphics

We live in a society in which more and more people take advantage of the micro moments. Most of these moments are dedicated to using mobile devices. It is in these moments that we open e-mails to update ourselves. That’s why you have to make sure that your emails are suitable for any type of user, who can open them from any device.

9.- Mail automation

It is not correct to think that automated mail lacks customization. The truth is that automated emails sent through an automation system have a 152% higher than average click rate, and a 70% higher than average opening rate compared to standard messages.