Keyword Targeting

It is no longer a surprise, Google is the most significant channel to convey users on your website.

That’s why it’s important to be able to position yourself intelligently through the use of SEO keywords.

A single keyword is not always enough to describe your business to users. For example, if your site is intended to represent a shop selling children’s clothes, simply using keywords like “clothes” and “children” will not be enough, because your site would drown in the multitude of results that include those words on Google.

So you need to describe what you want to represent with multiple key phrases.

You will later be faced with another choice. Is it better to focus on generic key phrases or to go specifically and be more selective?

The first choice is not always the best because going on the generic you will face strong competition. Unless your site is already very visible you risk reaching a low ranking that would not guarantee many accesses.

Another problem could be the imagination in choosing the keywords. There are those who have fantasy and will not have problems, there are those who will have more difficulty and in that case you will have tools to facilitate the choice.

One tool that could somehow help you is Google Suggest, or google suggestions that appear in a drop-down list when we start a search. In that way you can get an overview of the searches that are carried out on your business.

While with Google AdWords thanks to a tool called Contextual targeting tool you will immediately have some SEO keywords to take inspiration from.

Other useful tips we can give you is not to repeat the keywords, it certainly helps, but you risk being penalized when you force the thing.

One smart thing instead is to use synonyms that can help you gain some position.

Once you have finished indexing it is a good idea to monitor the searches that are carried out on your page and adjust accordingly.