Marketing Statistics

Content marketing is the real recipe to get customers through the internet, with a calculated and measured use of information, which is based on the persuasive principle of reciprocity.

The more you give your potential customer, the more likely he will feel obliged to reciprocate, perhaps with a business contact.

It is then evident how taking care of your website and company blog, alternating information, stimulation and curiosity contents, with those more properly oriented to the sale, is a technique as current as possible for the generation of commercial leads on the web. If you want some advice on how to start, you can start from the realization of an editorial plan of the contents, reasoned and adapted to your target customers.

  • Work on the effectiveness of the ads, combining creative and rational copywriting, trying to intercept the interests and desires of your target audience.
  • Spend time each week optimizing keywords and offers.
  • Work closely with the landing page, the landing page on which you hijack visitors who click on your ad.
  • Although trends are adverse, don’t completely eliminate display advertising (banners), because they still provide great brand and product recognition and contribute to the global web marketing mix.

Everything suggests that WhatsApp, Hangouts, Viber and Telegram will soon also be top names in online advertising. Snapchat is already trying, with the most daring companies. Are you ready for the challenge? Here are some ideas to get prepared for the message-boom:

  1. Try to think of a message automation flow that can replace most of your customer care processes with a robot. Facebook already has a possible integration with bots on Messenger, and soon the other messaging apps will arrive.
  2. Think back to advertising messages with a view to intercepting users who are posting on specific topics.

The click-to-collect process (online shopping cart with in-store collection and immediate payment) is steadily growing in the anglo-saxon countries, a trend that is set to continue in Europe soon.
Physical stores have to prepare themselves for this logistical process in a natural way.
Integrating loyalty cards between an online store and a physical store, perhaps through the use of an app, seems to be the trend that will go through the loyalty of B2C customers.
An eye to the new trends regarding augmented reality devices: through these technologies, it will be possible to provide new and engaging contents to users who are touching the physical products in a store with their own hands.

To sum up, focus on the intensification of mobile marketing, integration between different channels, attention to content.