New SEO Trend

There’s only Google?

To best meet the challenges of 2019 will require a multi-channel approach: do not stop at optimization for Google! Depending on the product your business is involved with, there may also be alternative, more niche, channels where similar goods are searched for more. If users are looking for video, for example, it’s important to position yourself with video content on major video sharing sites.

Several new platforms have emerged in recent years. They may not be popular today, but being prepared to bet on them with specially optimised content may prove to be a decisive choice for the future. Devices such as home assistants, voice search and all kinds of new technology are opportunities to be followed closely.

Use Structured Data

With the latest updates Google and the like have become more attentive to the accuracy of the content of web pages, rewarding in the SERP those whose understanding of the subject is better. Structured data “helps” search engines to do just that: by inserting specific HTML scripts into the source code of your site’s pages, it allows them to appear with additional information on the results page, such as review stars. These special results are called rich snippets.

Publish Deeper Content

Don’t give in to the belief that to be successful with a blog you need to publish a lot. Today’s search engines reward the depth of posts, the ability to go in specific and deal with all facets of a topic.

To achieve this goal, in addition to the quality of content, it is important to their organization. The topic cluster strategy allows you to scale the SERP positions with a general article linked to other more specific posts on the same topic.

Experience, Authority, Trust

EAT, acronym for Experience, Authority and Trustworthiness, is one of the indexes used by search engines to rank websites. Your content, no matter how quality, will not receive the right traffic if your site is not perceived as an authoritative source for the topic you deal with. To gain a good reputation, especially at the beginning, you can think of hiring recognized experts to write your content and use links to authoritative sources. Don’t forget to always put sources and credits in sight.

Invest in Technical SEO

The SEO is not just a question of keywords. The search engine algorithm also positions web pages based on much more technical parameters that you cannot afford to ignore:

  • speed of loading pages;
  • JavaScript integrations.

A perfectly optimized site but slow in loading immediately makes users run away.

On-Page Optimization

On-page optimization has a great advantage: it does not need to be updated over time. All you have to do is stand there once, armed with good will, to obtain results that are sometimes more relevant than those of link building.

Prepared for Voice Search

Probably 2019 will not yet be the year of the boom in voice search, but starting to think about your content from this perspective can help you optimize it for a more ambitious purpose: transforming simple search results into answers to questions and needs. With vowel, according to experts, people are more likely to submit real questions to search engines, rather than just keywords.

Machine Learning

With the update Rankbrain Google has introduced machine learning into its algorithm. It tends to reward web pages whose subject it quickly understands. Learning about the mechanics of machine learning is fundamental for the future: the analysis of its data helps to understand the reasons for the success or failure of SEO campaigns.

Featured Snippets

The featured snippet is the zero result of a Google search and is displayed in a white box at the top of the results page, before even sites usually unbeatable. The way in which Google selects content to make it look like featured snippet is not yet clear, but the relevance to the topic of the search is certainly very important.

These special results appear especially when you ask real questions to the search engine, such as “what is it…”, “how to do it for…” or “what are the times of…”. That’s why it’s important to start thinking about your content as an answer to your questions. Featured snippets are able to give an important boost to organic traffic.