Project Analysis

The success of an SEO plan depends on many factors, but it all starts with the professionalism of your SEO consultant.
He decides which activities to integrate into the project, on the basis of an accurate analysis made on your site (to be built or pre-existing), on competitors and on the general needs of the sector in which you want to fit. It is not enough to know the HTML language or to have followed a few courses to call yourself a SEO expert: there are too many details to evaluate, and the experience in the field is an important strength to take into account, as well as the portfolio.
Be wary of those who promise to reach the top positions of Google in a few months even before you have typed domain of your site in the address bar.

SEO is not an exact science, every situation is a reality in itself, so it needs a particular and unique approach. There are no packages, but only detailed projects carried out after careful evaluation of the website and the reality in which it must operate. A good SEO sets a starting point and sets precise objectives in the short, medium and long term.

Here are some important considerations to make during the activities.

When it comes to SEO strategy, it’s essential to think for precise periods of time.

The first real considerations arise after about three months from the start of work, then you evaluate the work in six months, in one year and so on.
Of course, a good SEO is not the one that starts working on the website in fourth place: first you need an analysis of the situation, the creation of the strategy and the setting of the main and secondary keywords for which to position. Another thing to consider is the consultant’s ability to interface with the rest of the technical team, particularly with programmers and copywriters.

These figures must relate continuously, because all marketing activities are closely linked to each other.

I’ll follow the SEO

The SEO, after analyzing the situation and clarifying the main aspects and objectives with the customer, gets to work both on the website and outside, or on-page and off-page. Within the first month the first changes to the site are made, and the following weeks the first small results are already visible: for example, research related to long tail. Subsequently, it will be possible to monitor an improvement in the position of the agreed keywords and, as a result, an increase in traffic from staff.

After three months you can view the first report: a fundamental document that updates the customer about the progress of the site and the achievement of objectives.

This is processed by reading the data provided by tools such as Google Analytics and other professional software used by SEOs to assess the progress of the work. Over time, the site increases its authoritativeness, and the keywords of reference become more and more competitive: it passes from the long and particular ones to the more general and short ones. Moreover, if at first the SEO activities were concentrated on the site (Seo on-page), later on more and more off-page activities are carried out, for example guest posting collaborations with other authoritative platforms are started.

In this context, a continuous and constant dialogue between client and consultant is essential so that the two figures are well aligned on each type of activity. With a good SEO plan the results arrive, but it is necessary to work hard on both sides: remember that the traffic from staff is not the final goal, for this it is necessary that the entire project is structured to win.

The Seo is only one piece of a larger and more complex project.