Web Analytics

Web analytics is a tracking system that collects heterogeneous data on the users of a website: it is aimed at profiling users for statistical purposes or to carry out targeted marketing.

In other words, we can define web analytics as the set of technologies and methodologies that allow you to better know the users of your site, the data of interaction on social networks where the company is present, information on mobile tools that are part of our digital presence.

By this we are not referring to personal information about which the laws on privacy are very restrictive, but to anonymous information of a behavioural nature, such as for example:

  • The online marketing campaign (advertising, SEO, online PR, etc.) through which the user has found the site
  • The pages that the user has visited
  • The conversion actions (information request, purchase, newsletter subscription, etc.) that the user has carried out

Or even more detailed data, for example:

  • Keywords used by the user on the internal search engine
  • How the user has used interactive applications, for example the configurator in automotive sites
  • User clicks on internal promotional banners.

These data are of little use if referred to a single user but assume great value if aggregated and referred to all users of the site because they allow us to assess the success or failure of marketing actions undertaken.

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Information is collected through the use of specific software, such as Google Analytics, but the most important part of the work is the next phase, that of data analysis. It is from this phase that useful information emerges for those who are involved in planning investments to improve the site and online marketing actions.

This approach strengthens the brand’s presence on the web, enhancing the user experience, retaining those who already know the company and increasing the chances of acquiring new customers.

Web analytics therefore has the task of assessing the quality of promotion and development interventions, to identify what works and what does not work and improve the return on invested budgets. The information that comes from web analytics, combined with a monitoring of the reputation and opinions of the company on the net, allow to strengthen the identity and online presence and to offer services and products in line with the expectations of users.