Archivi: Team Members

06Feb, 2019

Cristian Giuliana

SEO Analyst and Content Manager, Cristian deals with everything related to the structure of a website: functions, indexed and targeted keywords, backlinks and content optimization. In Cristian’s hands you can find all the knowledge of the web, and he knows how to make good use of it. Keep up the good job, Cris!

05Feb, 2019

Diego Scarsi

Copywriter and Social Media Manager, Diego takes care of the content and appearance of a website and related social networks. Responsible for the Digital Marketing campaigns, he produces and plans posts and articles, managing to give the best, even if his favourite football team doesn’t win.  

02Feb, 2019

Fabrizio Barboni

This guy is a real drake. He knows the secrets of photography and video editing, plus he’s a highly skilled digital marketing specialist. What more could you ask for a well-done job? Although he has breakfast with Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, he’s still keeping the best shape!